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My rate is $185 per session for a 50 minute session.


I am happy to provide you with a monthly or quarterly receipt for insurance and flex-spending accounts. At this time I do not process insurance claims directly.


Therapy is most effective when we have consistent, weekly appointments. Longer sessions can be arranged at a pro-rated fee and are often useful for couples work, for in-depth trauma work and for individuals who thrive on having more space and time to settle in. Meeting more than once a week is also an option.

No Surprises Act/Good Faith Estimate Act

The No Surprise Billing Act and the Good Faith Estimate laws effective January 2022 give you the client the right to request a good faith estimate of charges. This law is intended to protect consumers from receiving a “surprise bill” for an out of network medical or mental health services when they sought services from an in-network treatment facility. For example, the hospital is in network, the surgeon is in network, but the anesthesiologist was not, and you get billed for that service after the “approved” surgery. Such scenarios do not take place in private practice therapy settings as you are paying for each session as it comes and the fee is agreed upon in advance of the provision of services. If and when I raise my fees, I will let you know at least 2-4 weeks in advance and you always have the right to discontinue services. Regardless, the law applies to private practice psychotherapeutic settings and as such I am letting you know that a good faith estimate of charges is available to you upon request.

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