It is an honor for me to walk with you as you learn about yourself and follow your natural impulses toward wholeness, vitality and peace. In the therapeutic relationship, we bring together our individual perspectives and strengths in service of your growth and healing. We learn from one another and are changed by one another, with your well-being held safely at the center of our relationship.


As your therapist, I work with you to deepen awareness and understanding of your emotional and relationship experiences. I offer support and insight into how both your personal history and systemic oppression affect your life, including how you feel and what you believe about yourself. Through awareness, compassion and, ironically, radical acceptance, we can heal and change.

I specialize in working with queer, gender-blessed and other non-mainstream individuals and relationships. I work with those in caregiving professions- health care assistants, nurses, child care providers, teachers and mental health workers, healers, creatives and activists.